Flyball in South Africa


Application for membership, entry forms, etc

All members of SAFDA need to first be members of SAWDA (South African Working Dogs Association). Please email if you would like a copy of the SAFDA and / or SAWDA application form.

Appendix 1 - Score Sheets

 Appendix 1.xls

Appendix 2 -  Measurement method

 Measuring method.pdf

Appendix 3 - Equipment

Flyball Equipment Appendix 3.1.JPG

Flyball Equipment Appendix 3.2.JPG

Appendix 4 -Ring layout

Ring Layout.bmp

Appendix 5 - Membership form

 Membership form.JPG


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KUSA Forms

KUSA Results Sheet


From ANSIE MINAAR - WC Flyball Chairperson :


Hello happy clubs

This pertains to flyball at all future shows.

KUSA has asked that I distribute the attached results sheet, which needs to be used for the flyball team event, at both champ & non champ shows and then needs to be sent to KUSA after the show. The purpose is to enable KUSA to capture the appropriate points per dog including the reserve if in fact it ran.


Please see results sheet attached. 

To make it easier for first time users, we have colour coded the cells.

Anything in blue needs to be filled in in advance.

Anything in yellow needs to be filled in on completion of the judging by the judge.

I have also attached an EXAMPLE of how it should be filled in. 

If required, I can do all of the blue, but will need the necessary info to be sent to me, or, I can arrive at the show earlier, and fill in if necessary. Let me know.


Singles & Pairs

Also, please be aware that you may start getting entries for singles or pairs.

No results paperwork is required for this, as KUSA does not issue certificates.

This is a KUSA recognized entry but has been poorly publicized to date. (Perhaps you could include it on your future schedules ?)


It is essentially a class that helps new dogs become accustomed to the "competition" vibe with all it's distractions, until they are ready to compete and there are enough single dogs to form a team.

The provincial committee will issue certificates for singles & pairs qualifications, and therefore needs to keep a log until such time as the record cards reflect this.

We, the flyball committee, will do this and require nothing from you. 

Neither rosettes nor prizes will be required (unless you have prizes left over which would be most welcome for these new comers to reward & inspire them).

Once they are in an official team perhaps they can then look forward to rosettes.....

This should generate additional income for your club.


And in closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each & every club for their support & hard work in allowing our sport to grow & thrive. Speaking of which, a R50 donation for equipment would help us immensely in our efforts to purchase 2 timers.

I can bring a receipt to the show if this meets with your approval.


Yours kindly

Ansie Minnaar

084 307 2822

WC Flyball Chairperson


 Flyball results sheet.xls

Flyball results sheet EXAMPLE.xls