Flyball in South Africa


Welcome to the website of the humans and dogs that take part in the crazy, fast paced sport of Flyball in South Africa.


Flyball is a sport for teams of four dogs.  Two teams of four dogs each,run against each other in a relay style race, with each team running in a lane.  Each lane consists of four jumps, with a spring loaded box at the end into which a tennis ball is loaded.  The first dog in the team runs down the lane,jumping over the jumps and then releases the ball from the box by hitting the box with a paw.  The dog grabs the ball as it flies through the air, and then comes back down the lane over the jumps.  As soon as the first dog has passed the start line, the next dog goes.  The trick is to get the dogs to cross paths exactly at the start poles.  The two teams race against each other in this manner and the team that finishes first is the winner of that heat.

The most common form of competition is the round robin where teams race against one another with the winner of each race earning a point.  At the end of the competition the teams with the most points (wins) is the winner overall.  However, should two or more teams end up with the same number of points, a run off is held, with the team with the fastest time from the run off, being declared the winner.

Flyball is an incredibly fast, fun sport, with handlers usually screaming encouragement to the dog, and dogs barking like mad.  It is not a sport for a Sunday afternoon in a quiet neighbourhood!

If you have a dog which is ball mad, then this is a fantastic sport to become involved in.  For more information of how to get involved, see the "contact us" page.






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